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Connect your Things with GO

GO project is an Internet of Things platform designed to connect and control heterogeneous IoT devices as well as orchestrate and analyze the obtained 1. Choose your smart device's connection information from the connectivity list and connect it right to the GO platform in your account.

Go by Touch 'n Go eWallet: 5 things you need to know - SoyaCincau

Touch 'n Go has officially launched Go today, a new investment feature which allows its eWallet users to earn daily returns with their balance. The provider aims to acquire 1 million Go users by the end of this year. Here are 5 things you need to know about the micro-investment feature.

GitHub - goplus/gop: GoPlus - The Go language for engineering...

We will keep Go simple. This is why we call it Go , not Go . Less is exponentially more. It's for Go, and it's also for Go . Compatibility with Go. And all Go packages can also be imported in Go programs. What you need to do is just using gop command instead of go. First, let's make a directory...

The Go Playground

About Go Playground. The Go Playground is a web service that runs on goplus.org's servers. The service receives a Go program. runs the program inside a gopherjs, then returns the output.

App Store: Go App

Описание. Go is the best APP for Office Plus or 101SaaS Cloud Service! When someone sends you a system message, you will get a push notification in seconds! You may read, reply or forward the message, without opening any web browser.

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